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Mobilita Evolva plans and designs transport infrastructure projects. We are working with public and private sector seeking sustainable transport infrastructure.

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We are specialist in transport projects on both the urban and national levels.

We provide professional and data-driven services for transport planning and infrastructure design. Working with the public and private sector, both Croatian and international, to provide effective mobility solutions for clients worldwide.

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Since 2015 we completed 100+ projects from the public and private sector.

Mobilita Evolva specializes in Infrastructure Design and Transport Planning. We perform specific and customized analyses, feasibility studies, accessibility and market studies. Create a preliminary stage of planning and design of large scale projects, providing a robust and comprehensive analytical framework to support the decision-making process in several dimensions of activity, which includes public administration, private interests for traffic and development of transport infrastructure.

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Transport Development Master Plan for the City of Osijek and Osijek-Baranja County

Establishing strategic objectives and measures for sustainable development of the transport system (road transport, air transport, railway transport, inner waterways, and urban and suburban public transport…)

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E-mobility Study for Marjan Forest Park

Although e-mobility is certainly not yet a part of our daily life, the EU sets conditions for change: it is determined that CO2 emissions must be reduced by 20% until the year 2020. To preserve the natural heritage in Marjan Forest Park, a sustainable public transport service (boat and bus) needs to be introduced.

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