Transport Development Master Plan for the City of Osijek and Osijek-Baranja County


Transport Tevelopment Master Plan for the City of Osijek and Osijek-Baranja County

Transport Development Master plan for the City of Osijek (108.048 inhabitants and area of 171 km²) and Osijek-Baranja County (305.032 inhabitants and area of 4.155 km²) is the basis for the development of transport in all the cities of Osijek-Baranja County, analysis of possibilities for improving transport connectivity and proposed solutions to improve transport connectivity in urban and rural areas. Establishing strategic objectives and measures for sustainable development of the transport system (road transport, air transport, railway transport, inner waterways, and urban and suburban public transport…)

Description of actual services provided by the firm in the assignment:

  • assessment of quality and availability of data,
  • data collection ;
  • multi-modal traffic model; analysis of the existing condition and trends;
  • definition of specific goals;
  • development of measures;
  • “do everything” modeling scenario;
  • implementation plan;
  • cost-benefit analysis. 


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