Modern transport is the basis of modern civilization

Our team of transport planners and engineers combine all fields of expertise: construction engineers, economists, urban planners, transport engineers and others.

Transportation Planning

High quality of life needs modern, innovative and sustainable solutions. The transport system quality reflects the quality of life of all citizens. Modern transport is the basis of modern civilization because it enables the global movement of goods and people, which makes it indispensable in modern trade, production and all business processes. In short, there is no modern civilization without transportation.

Transportation planning focused on master plans, urban and rural mobility plans, transport and traffic planning, security planning, logistics, and on the functional assessment of infrastructure and transportation systems.

Transport Services

Infrastructure Design

We take into account the entire idea of a city or an area, including the highest possible environmental protection. This ensures accessibility and urban quality as the guarantee of a better life.

Services and activities include preliminary concept, conceptual design, preliminary and detailed design of all complexities of road and railway infrastructure, intermodal terminals and urban hubs, stations, ports and airports, large parking lots or industrial zones. We design projects from preliminary main and execution of an infrastructure project.

Infrastructure Services

Studies & Analysis

Detecting the pros and cons of undertaking an infrastructure project with the highest possible consideration to economic, social and environmental implications.

In the preliminary phase of planning and design of large-scale projects transport demand analysis and feasibility studies constitute to support the decision-making process in several dimensions of activities that include Public Administration and local communities.

Comprising of specific and customized analysis creating a preliminary stage of planning and design of large-scale projects, providing a robust and comprehensive analytical framework to support the decision-making process in several dimensions of activity, which includes public administration, private interests for traffic and development of transport infrastructure.


Data Collection and Advanced Data Analysis

We use advanced analytics methods to gain insights from existing data from Urban, Economic, Transport & Traffic, Social & Cultural and Environmental sectors. Our proven data method reveals trends and patterns to choose the best options to meet project goals. Extracting information from data and providing clarity with visual analysis by predictive and behaviour analytics and providing value from that same data. Using data to sustain the results from Project Development, Predictive Maintenance and Operational Efficiency.


Training PTV

Certificated PTV trainer for VISSIM and VISUM (micro and macro traffic modelling).

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