E-mobility Study for Marjan Forest Park


E-mobility is one of the great possibilities for the development of tomorrow.

Although e-mobility is certainly not yet a part of our daily life, the EU sets conditions for change: it is determined that CO2 emissions must be reduced by 20% until the year 2020. To preserve the natural heritage in Marjan Forest Park, a sustainable public transport service (boat and bus) needs to be introduced. 

Description of actual services provided by the firm in the assignment:

  •         Analysis of the current harmful effects on Marjan Forest Park
  •         Research interests and needs of a broader group of stakeholders
  •         Development of the concept of sustainable development of Marjan Forest Park
  •         Defining development potential and the engagement of the e-mobility Study in other projects
  •         Development of detailed technical measurements for e-mobility of Marjan Forest Park
  •         Public presentation of e-mobility Study for Marjan Forest Park

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