Reconstruction of the pavement on the state road DC3, from the Švarča rotor to the intersection of the state roads DC3 and DC23, including the complete intersection on DC3, 5.2 km long, construction of a bicycle path, pedestrian path where it was not built, solving stormwater drainage and construction of energy efficient public lighting and connection of the business zone Gornje Mrzlo Polje.

Description of actual services provided by the firm in the assignment:

- Road reconstruction project

- Road and drainage route project

- Project for rehabilitation / construction of replacement facilities

- Traffic equipment and signalization project

- Study of temporary traffic regulation

- Study for the assessment of the need to assess the impact on the environment and the ecological network

- Obtaining a location and construction permit

- Preparation of procurement documentation

- Work plan

Project location/country:

Croatia, Karlovac County

Assignment name:

Development of preliminary, main and detailed design with obtaining location and construction permit for the reconstruction of the state road DC3 from the rotor Švarča to the intersection of state roads DC3 and DC23 5.2 km long

Contracting entity/client:

Croatian Roads Ltd.

Type of project:

Design for construction

Team Leader:

Vanja Lukačić


office: Froudeova 5, HR-10 020 Zagreb

tel: 385 (0)1 5810450


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