Intermodal Traffic Study of the City of Koprivnica


Intermodal Traffic Study

Pilot project for the implementation of public transport line network in the city of Koprivnica with the emphasis of integration between the bus and railway services in the Koprivnica agglomeration area.

Description of actual services provided:

  •       Audit of the current public transport system - proposal for establishing the second bus line for the public transport (L2); revision of the first bus line (L1 Campus - Starigrad); creating timetable for the second line (L2) and revision of the timetable for the first line (L1); alignment of proposed lines with the timetable of railway transport; traffic documentation; requests for obtaining permits to the authorities, necessary for the normal functioning of the public transport lines L1 and L2;
  •      Public intermodal transport system for the City of Koprivnica: suggestions for intermodal locations, “Park and ride”, “Bike and ride” locations, suggestion for new public bikes stations; suggestion for visual identity for intermodal station; e-ticketing system; suggestion for additional activities for the establishment of intermodal system;
  •      Financial sustainability of the future intermodal system - proposing management models for the future system and choose the most suitable for the City of Koprivnica.


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