BC Varaždin - Ivanec - Krapina

BC Varaždin - Ivanec - Krapina

Infrastructure design project with entire administrative procedure for location and building permit, with geodetic and geotechnical survey works.

Description of actual services provided by the firm in the assignment:

- Projects of traffic areas and road construction

- Drainage and water protection projects

- Landscaping projects

- Projects of traffic loops, signalization and equipment

- Study of environmental protection measures and monitoring program

- Temporary traffic regulation project

- Obtaining a building permit

- BIM model for main projects

- Work plan

Project location/country:

Croatia, Varaždin County

Assignment name:

Development of conceptual design and environmental impact study with obtaining a Decision on the acceptability of the project for the environment, development of all types of preliminary designs with obtaining a location permit for relocation of the state road DC 306 to DC 8 in Bili Brig in Zadar, length approx. 2,5 km

Contracting entity/client:

Croatian Roads Ltd.

Type of project:

Design for construction

Team Leader:

Vanja Lukačić


office: Froudeova 5, HR-10 020 Zagreb

tel: 385 (0)1 5810450


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