Transport Development Study of Karlovac County

March 12, 2016

Transport Development Study of Karlovac County
Study includes complete current state analysis of all transport modes in the area (road, rail, air, inland waterways); development of the four step traffic model and calibration with the transport data gathered by field research (cross section countings, intersection countings, cordons survey, household surveys); development of the goals and measures and implementation through transport development scenarios for a ten year period; evaluation of scenario effects and their validation; development phases of a pilot line based on the integrated public transport concept (railway, bus, car sharing, transport on demand etc.).
Description of actual services provided: 
  • described methodology for the development of the Study; 
  • aligned creating of the project with the management structures; 
  • established communication structure for the purpose of the project; 
  • described methodology for the development of the Study; 
  • identified all relevant stakeholders; 
  • established links of the Study in relevant strategies and plans on the higher and the same level of the European Union and of the Republic of Croatia; 
  • established legal framework essential for the development of the transport in view of the Croatian legislation and the European Union; 
  • established hypotheses for the development of the Study; 
  • collected all data relevant for traffic analysis and traffic models; 
  • developed database and project delivery; 
  • established a four-step transport model; 
  • analysis of the existing situation; 
  • determined the final list of objectives and measures needed to achieve the stated objectives; 
  • elaborated scenarios of transport development; 
  • plan for the implementation of the Study; 
  • standards of public transport supply; 
  • determined locations: places of integration of passenger transport, P&R parking lots, intermodal terminals for cargo transport; 
  • established infrastructure interventions necessary for traffic development of Karlovac County; 
  • cost estimates for the implementation of the measures and the manner of their financing; 
  • detailed plan for the introduction of an integrated passenger transport (IPP) in one pilot area. 


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