Design documentation for the construction of unclassified roads, footpaths, squares and public spaces in Vladislavci Municipality

March 7, 2017

Infrastructure design project for the Municipality of Vladislavci (settlements Vladislavci, Dopsin and Hrastin) with entire administrative procedure for location, building and operating permits.

Description of actual services provided:

  •          The preliminary, main and implementation design for the construction of 6.285 meters of unclassified roads, 13.000 meters of footpaths, 13.550 m2 of squares and public spaces in the Municipality of Vladislavci
  •          Obtaining of location, building and operating permits
  •          Development of designs, technical specifications and cost estimates (in accordance with the Construction Act)
  •          Horticultural design
  •          Junctions with existing local network
  •          Utilities design
  •          Traffic equipment and signalization design


Opcina Vladislavci krajobraz

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