Mobilita Evolva Ltd. for planning, design and engineering

Mobilita Evolva Ltd. for planning, design and engineering is a specialized company for transport planning and infrastructure design, established in 2015, with headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia.




Mobilita Evolva Ltd. for planning, design and engineering, is a specialized company for transport planning and infrastructure design. It was established in 2015, with headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia. The Company creates transport and spatial planning studies and strategies, infrastructure projects and design, as well as transport system projects on all levels, including micro and macro systems.

Mobilita Evolva is a company specialized in Infrastructure Design and Transport Planning. It performs regional and urban traffic and transport planning with the latest generation of highly sophisticated simulation software and mathematical models. The Company also performs specific and customized analyses, feasibility studies, accessibility and market studies, and creates a preliminary stage of planning and design of large-scale projects, providing robust and comprehensive analytical framework to support the decision making process in several dimensions of activity, which includes public administration, private interests for traffic and development of transport infrastructure.

The company team is made of experts with lots of experience and excellent references, but also of young engineers that are just entering the world of planning and designing, who are eager to gain experience and contribute with fresh ideas. Together, we work as a team and by carefully listening to our client’s needs we are able to provide them with high-quality, professional and affordable services. 

The planning services enable the definition of methods, the development lines and the guidelines in order to organize and physically transform the urban and rural areas, as well as to enable the development of adequate space policy and transport management. 

This activity is focused on master plans, urban and rural mobility plans, transport and traffic planning, security planning and logistics, as well as on the functional assessment of infrastructure and transportation systems. 


The Planning services and activities include: preliminary concept, conceptual design, preliminary and detailed design of all complexities of road and railway infrastructure, intermodal terminals and urban hubs, stations, ports and airports, large parking lots or industrial zones. 

The Company is engaged in the design of the entire idea of a city or region, including the maximum environmental protection, ensuring accessibility and urban quality as the guarantee of better life.

Demand analysis and feasibility studies are constituted in the preliminary phase of planning and design of large-scale projects and extensive analytical frameworks in order to support the decision-making process in several dimensions of activities that include Public Administration and local communities.

Mobilita Evolva's clients include Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Croatian roads Ltd, Karlovac County, Osijek-Baranja County, Varaždin County, City of Vinkovci, Split-Dalmatia County, Public institution for management of Marjan Forest Park, and other government and private companies and public administrations.

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